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What is My BHAG?

Let's chat about my Big Hairy Audacious Goals...

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Last week we received an email from the fabulous MAIP team discussing the importance of professional portfolios for non-creatives and that we would be having a webinar diving into the creation of non-creative portfolios and putting your best foot forward. I was both excited yet nervous, I had never quite thought about a portfolio for non-creatives and what that would look like. Suddenly, a wave of worry rushed through my body as I realized that I didn’t have any work or important information to actually put on my professional portfolio. Who was I to be a part of this amazing internship program and yet not have work to publish on my portfolio. Imposter syndrome was suddenly knocking at my door, and I had a gut feeling that he wasn’t going away anytime soon.

Once we entered the webinar, my anxiousness intensified, the incredible Nancy Tag began to dive into her student's portfolio. They were smothered in professional talent, dripped in personality and hard work. I wanted to have that type of impression on people when they approached my website but how? I wasn’t quite sure of the impression I wanted to make on the world, so how was I supposed to publish the work if I didn’t even know what I wanted to do?

It was like Nancy could read my mind, as I began scanning through hundreds of questions and scenarios going through my head, she began walking us through the importance of a professional portfolio and how anyone could create these lavish portfolios with the work they were doing everyday. Before we could dive into creating our portfolios we had to first figure out who we were and what we wanted to show within this portfolio.

She requested that we create our professional statement and our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), this goal is a goal that soared far beyond your wildest dreams, nothing was in your way of achieving this goal but you. However, I was stuck. I realized that everyone created their BHAG with such ease, yet I was frozen… I wasn't sure what my BHAG was or what impact I wanted to have.

I then began to recall our conversation with Jezz Chung and the creation of our passion statements, as suddenly a light clicked within my head. Thoughts and images raced through my head as I started thinking about the collaboration of my professional and passion statement, creating the professional passion statement that allowed me to achieve my wildest professional dreams that goes beyond one’s imagination. I quickly began typing, lightning was flowing through my fingers as I had to type as fast as my brain processed, to ensure that I wouldn't lose any of the vital information that my brain was processing.

After what felt like hours, which was actually just a few minutes my BHAG was created, I was able to find a passion that I cared deeply about and turn that into a professional statement that would inevitably turn into a professional career. Now you all may be wondering, would this girl just shut up and tell us what her BHAG is?

Well, your wish is my command as I now present you my BHAG and my future career goals. I am not sure how I will achieve these goals or how long it will take, but I know that if there's a will, there’s a way. I dreamed this dream and that is confirmation that I can achieve this dream.

The Diva's Big Hairy Audacious Goal

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to become the Chief Diversity Officer in the fashion advertising industry. I want to create an inclusive and innovative community that embodies self love and self worth, while dispelling stereotypes and eliminating fatphobia within the fashion industry and society as a whole. I want to motivate my organization to create innovation that thus reflects the importance of diversity and inclusion of all embodied in their campaigns.

"I want to create an inclusive and innovative community that embodies self love and self worth, while dispelling stereotypes and eliminating fatphobia within the fashion industry and society as a whole."

In addition to my BHAG, I also want to become a famous plus-size fashion influencer, promoting the importance of self-love and body positivity while spreading light and love to all. I enjoy creating positive learning experiences and educating others on the importance of self care and putting yourself first! This passion for self-love is embodied in every action and word that leaves my body. I am determined to create change in the world, and this is how I will do that.


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