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I am the fabulous Aubrei Hayes

I come from a place filled with tragedy , yet turned into love and light.

My people are my village, raising me to change the world.

My ancestors fought for my right to live and for my right to impact society around me.

I love emphasizing the importance of self love and self worth.

I believe that everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves love.

I fight for equality, equity, and breaking down systemic racism.

I cry for my beautiful black people being brutally murdered and tortured. I cry for my freedom and right to live.

I create ways to love yourself and love those around you, I create positive educational experiences.

What makes me beautiful is my personality and optimism to make the best of life and love within yourself.

What makes me powerful is my resilience to keep moving forward and lifting as we climb.

I am a strong black woman destined to change the world.



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