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Hello Beautiful People! I am so honored to introduce you to my pride and joy, Curve Logic. Here we create positive memories and celebrate the bodies we hold with self love and positivity. Come join the community and see for yourself! 

Stay Fabulous XOXO



Positivity and love are two crucial things needed in this world more than ever, so why do we fail to provide those to our bodies and souls? 

We will be discussing the importance of truly loving yourself fully and allowing yourself to be amazing and to truly bask in your PERFECTIONS! Be your own cheerleader, biggest fan, role model, and beauty queen! 

The Black Bandita

Hey Fat Girl to be exact girl

You're that girl. 

And in this world

Believe that you're the shit.

Know that you are it.

Your body matters 

It doesn't matter who it flatters 

It's time for you to gather 

All of your things.... 

Curve Logic

Divas, this new segment discusses all the latest curvy icons in the fashion industry and how they are taking society by storm.

Who is your favorite from Fat Girl Fashion?

How are you strutting your style this season?    

Curve Logic

No need to worry about online shopping any more! I have laid out all the tips and tricks to getting your money's worth when shopping online while doing it effortlessly. 

What's the first thing you're going to buy after learning these tips? 

Curve Logic

This year continues to surprise us, and in the mist of confusion we must create positive experiences that will uplift and unite our communities. 


This video discusses ways to maintain positivity and create alternatives to spend your time during quarantine.