• Aubrei Hayes

Hey Fat Girl

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hey Fat girl to be exact girl

You're that girl.

And in this world

Believe that you're the shit.

Know that you are it.

Your Body Matters

It doesn't matter who it flatters

It's time for you to gather

All of your things.

Fat Girl

Fly Girl

Cool Girl

Moon Girl

This is your planet

You are the brightest star.

If you change who you are

Let it be for yourself.

After All

Your knowledge of self

Is the highest form of your wealth.

So go on now

Wear yo fatkinis

Drink ya martinis

and shake the world.

They can sleep

While you rise to the occasion.

Understand something

Baby you are amazing!

Fat girl

You are that girl

And this




The Black Bandita


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