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Saatchi & Saatchi NY: Gain Flings

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Saatchi & Saatchi NY | Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

*This spec work was completed in 5 days for  MAIP

People know Gain for its great, irresistible scent. But we want people to know Gain does more than just mask odors. In fact, Gain Flings have the unique combination of Oxi Boost and Febreze Odor Remover to provide long lasting freshness you can count on. The best moments in life always have a memorable scent.

What's Your Fling?

Gain’s irresistible scent brings back memories. Let us take you through what that looks like. Meet Janet and Henry. We start with our two Characters Janet the go-getter and her “fling” Henry.

Feeling Clingy 15 second spot

Created by: Aliyah Brye

Janet’s fling ended up staying around, she couldn't stay away from his irresistible scent thanks to Gain. Her fling begins to cling. As they get married, Janet sticks with Gain Flings because it works for her family keeping them fresh all day. Gain flings offers freshness that moves with you always.

Spring Fling Commercial Storyboard

Created by: Alice Kuang

Take a walk down memory lane with Janet and Henry and of course, Gain Flings. From meeting at the Spring Fling in 81’ to dancing in your living room, Gain is always with you. Sniff Sniff, Hooray!

Social Media

Copywriting by: Daisy Orozco

Our target audience spends the most time on Instagram + Facebook.  Posts will keep the fun, playful nature of Gain while still getting the message of freshness across to audiences. 

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