The 4A's Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) connects aspiring diverse entry-level advertising professionals with prestigious advertising agencies. MAIP has truly changed my life, providing me with an inclusive community, support and guidance, and an everlasting abundance of love and encouragement that motivates me to create change and motivate others as they have motivated me.


“It’s official”, I thought to myself. I clicked the submit button as my MAIP application was flying through the internet, hoping for the best and excited for what’s to come. Flash forward to March 13th, when the government ordered the state of emergency for COVID-19. In the midst of confusion, concern, and panic MAIP was the only thing treading me along. I had a future, I had something to look forward to and something to fight for...


This is where it all started, the opportunity to impact the world and creating the change I've always wanted to see. This video allowed me to embark on a journey far from my imagination, creating endless connections, creating brave spaces and initiating brave spaces to heal my community. Thank you MAIP for believing in me. Please enjoy this cringe opening of me singing my heart out to Lizzo.