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 The dynamic Maya Angelou once said “If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”. This quote stands the test of time, as countless times women of color, especially black women felt like they had to dull their light or tone down their personality for society when it is clear that we shine brighter than one has ever expected.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable


Luvvie Ajayi is one of the most influential speakers I have ever imagined. Her eloquent speech and timeless words truly inspire the generations to come. Allowing us to take risks and live the life that we deserve. In order to reach that form of living we must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

I have a black son.
I have a black husband. 
My daddy is black. 
My brother, cousins, uncles, my nephews.
Every man that I love with everything inside of me is black.  

And when I see them, I see them. 

I cannot get the image out of my head
Of the police officer’s knee on George Floyd’s neck.  
I cannot help but imagine my cousin’s face
Slammed on the ground, begging for mercy. 
I cannot watch the video.  
I have yet to watch the Ahmaud Arbury video.
I have tried, but I can’t...

THe Angry Black Woman

Black, poet, dyke-goddess, hip-hop feminist, womanist, friend, Porsha Olayiwola is a performance artist who believes in pixie dust and second chances. Her intention is to speak, love, praise, and maintain a cypher that is undocumented, uncontrollable and just plain ole dope.

I am the fabulous Aubrei Hayes

I come from a place filled with tragedy , yet turned into love and light.

My people are my village, raising me to change the world.

My ancestors fought for my right to live and for my right to impact society around me.

I love emphasizing the importance of self love and self worth.


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